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Gas Stations Transition To Electric Charging Stations

Gas Stations Transition To Electric Charging Stations


A long debate over oil and electrification, which will dominate? For a majority of the decade fossil fuels have dominated the market. In recent years electric vehicles have caught the attention of the public. With the emergence of a powerhouse corporation, Elon Musk’s Tesla have achieved what many could not do years ago.

The implementation of an electric charging vehicle over the gas guzzling competitor has many advantages that may make it the norm in the upcoming years. The focus of becoming more sustainable and environmentally stable is resonating not only in the USA but also with major countries in Europe. The European look at sustainability is making sure they transition from oil to electricity sooner rather than later.



As consumers begin to become more concise of their environmental footprint that they leave behind, owning an EV is the next step towards saving the earth as many EV owners would declare. The main concern is not transitioning to an EV like a Tesla but how and where can we find charging locations for our vehicles?

This sole reason is why many Gas Station locations are converting to electric charging stations. This transition is predicted to become nationwide within the next decade as the stigma of fossil fuels blurs out to sustainability. It is known that Tesla Corp constructs charging stations for those who own their EV; the charging station is built alongside their homes. The downfall of this


In the report, BNEF outlines that electric vehicles (EVs) will hit 10% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2025, with that number rising to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040

Electric vehicle owners say that having a charging unit in their house is beneficial since they can charge their cars overnight and not worry about recharging at charging ports. While on the other hand users of other electric vehicles who do not have charging stations in their homes would benefit greatly of having more stations dedicated to their needs. The biggest reason as to why many individuals have not converted to purchasing an electric car is because of the charging situation, and with the development of more stations more people would be inclined to transition.

Although the change from oil to electricity may take time to overtake gas operated cars. There is not much resistance for EV and their charging station counterparts. It may not be to long before we start seeing more gas stations like R.S. Automotive the first electric charging gas station in the U.S. The future is coming fast, and gas stations are starting to take notice. It may become the next big thing for investors.