Lender Finance

The right loan to secure your closings, and manage any Complex Loan Situation.

In operating a business, there are moments when you find it hard to find the right decision for your business. At times you may need the help of a professional lender. Our financing team asses your situation and business criteria to create a custom financing plan to give your business the extra lift it needs. We provide world class solutions to give you multiple options to choose from, Where you have the control on what your business needs.
When a company of any size comes to Omega, we listen to the problem at hand. For many companies an extra hand in the form of funds truly solves the situation. Depending on the amount needed our lending finance option delivers a simple solution to their problems.

About SErvice

Implementing strategic Financing Solutions.

Protecting your business in the face of an unprecedented circumstance is why we are here to help. Our variety of lending options allows business to receive the capital they need.
Our loan officers are experienced in 25+ subject matters pertaining to commercial lending. Handing structured solutions to business who need a professionals touch. Delivering world class service to excel your business.

Lender Financing: Benefits

  • Maintain Company Ownership

  • Accessible Funding

  • Flexible Terms

  • Temporary Funds

  • Builds Credit

  • Low Interest Rates

Terms and Requirements

  • 2-4 Year Term Length

  • Minimum Credit Score: 660

  • 2 Years Stable Operating History

  • Loans Range: $10 Million - $50 Million

  • Asset Based Loan

  • Fixed Monthly Payments

Lending options tailored with your business in mind. We take the initiative in quickly working with your projects.