Hedge Fund Lending

Hedge Funding

Available for experienced investors for curating larger than normal Investment Strategies.

For the more experienced investor who already has a strong investment portfolio. The Hedge Fund loan is a means where one investor can pool their funds together with other investors. The funds put together rise up to $50 Million dollars. These funds are carefully managed and invested in the market to produce even higher incomes and revenues.

Hedge funds are confusing to those who do not understand them, they provide a positive return when managed properly. Using the investment principle in alternative investment to out perform the market or to provide a "hedge" against any negative market changes.

The main purpose for Hedge Funding is to maximize investor returns while eliminating any risk.ย This loan uses all the assets from all investors to achieve a higher return on investment. These loans use a wider array of investment strategies to over come any market changes.


About SErvice

We bring our 25 years of experience to properly manage high volume Hedge Funding.

We take your principle investment and oversee the market, and invest as we see fit. Maintaining an eye over any market fluctuationsย . Always having the investors best interest at heart.

Our strategies are to maintain a constant a secure holding over all investments. changing investments as they unfold for better or worse. We are on top of the situation and are communicative every step of the way.

Hedge Funding Benefits:

  • large Investment Principle

  • Reliable Returns, ROI

  • Exclusivity

  • Lower Regulation Requirements

  • Higher Portfolio Diversification

  • Flexibility In Investment Strategies

Terms & Requirements:

  • Advisement Professionals

  • High Up Front Costs

  • Minimum Income: $200,000- $300,000

  • Loan Amounts: $100,000 - $ 1- 50 Million

  • Credit Score: 650

  • Investment Fee's

Lending options tailored with your business in mind. We take the initiative in quickly working with your projects.